Welcome to the Michiana Our Place Wiki!

This wiki is a collaboration space for our effort to bring the Hoosier Environmental Council's (HEC) "Our Place" workshop, and with it Place-Based Education, to Michiana. This effort has been spearheaded by HEC and the Notre Dame extended Research Community (NDeRC), and is open to all interested participants. This site is generally publicly viewable--though individual pages can be kept privately viewable if necessary--and edited by members only. Request a membership here!
Please add your project ideas to the "Projects" page. Members are encouraged to introduce yourselves on the "Collaborators" page: you may find a page there already created for you and ready to edit, but you can add your name to the list and link it to a new page, also. Add anything else you want - you can always create a new page at any time for any good purpose.

Here's a slideshow from the 2009 Our Place Workshop in Jordan Hall of Science at ND: